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S810 This album will grind your soul to dust!!! Not for the feint of heart! Favorite track: Trendy Powerviolence Hipster Bullshit.
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released April 10, 2014



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Track Name: BruceXCampbell - The Crave
Lust for blood like a lust for love.
Not enough inside so seek it elsewhere, wherever...
love is a murder!
Lust for love like a lust for blood
all for the slaughter!
divine are the insides, blood red blur
carve out a murder!
Blood! Blood I loathe!
Blood! Blood I lust!
It's all for control, it's all the same, bred with no purpose
Fear will grow, it's all the same, led by your bullshit lies
look at 'em burn, look at 'em beg, look of confusion, Murder!
look at 'em begging, look at 'em burn, look of confusion, Murder!
Blood of Judith, Blood of Christ, Blood of messiahs, blood of Yael!
God serves no purpose, built of your lies!
God serves no purpose, sacrifice love!
Blood of Horus, Blood of judah, Blood of yahweh...
Blood of...Your God , Your Blood!
Gods for the slaughter, slaughter, dogs for the slaughter!
Find your faith!
Your God serves no purpose now.
Track Name: BruceXCampbell - Delusional Pvk
They all think the same, vacantly
They all speak the same, foolishly
no chance of changing
no thoughts are human
nothings the same, now!
you are fighting, WITH A LIE!
you will DEPART!
you're fighting with, YOURSELF!
Delusional PVK
Delusional liar
Delusional PVK
Delusional liar
manifest lies
delusional loveless hopeless lies
you're not seeing why(blind to your lies)
lies, plagued by hate breathing
you should die, true to lies
use your sight, you'll know why
plagued by you're eyes deceiving
you're nothing now
dead lie on down...
heads hang down low
blind can never be what they hold so foolishly
blind can never see what look to vacantly
Track Name: BruceXCampbell - Fear Thy Wrath
blood dripping down me
you are my pray
holes in your head

strangle dead
fear thy wrath
ax to face
fear thy wrath

you can't escape me
until your dead
bleed your last breath

in the end
fear thy wrath
fear me
fear thy wrath
fear me
fear thy wrath
fear me
Track Name: BruceXCampbell - City Of Doom
city of doom...

this city is a wretched hole
city of anxiety

city of doom
cast out your life
city of doom
now your gone
city of doom
harvest your life
city of doom
useless society
mindless majority

city of doom
falsify your dreams
city of doom
break you down
city of doom
arise from the weak
city of doom
arise !
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Hazardous Mutagen
Ughhh!! Garghhhh!!!!!! FUCK!!!!
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Trendy Powerviolence Hipster Bullshit
Circle jerking scene, same bullshit but hardly as fun. Pretentious fucks, this shit was already done! Stupid XcelebrityX memes, keep clicking those likes. Too cool for hardcore but not gnarly enough for grind, trendy douchebags think this shit is tight!!!
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Shitty Goregrind Forever, Crust Grind Never!
Shitty goregrind fucking rules! Mincecore too but crust grind drools! P.C. lyrics are just a farce if you're a douche in real life!
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Utter Eradication Of Generic Deathcore
Breakdown. Bree. Breakdown. Uninspired Black Dahlia Murder riff. And another fucking breakdown! Fucking die already!!!!!
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Selatiga Goregrind Samurai Attack!
Goregrind mince attack is on the go! Beautiful town on the mountains, but beware of Mace, the forest fornicator! Time to take a bath...oh fuck, mutated parasites swimming in the fucking water!!!! Still...the girls are gorgeous and the food is superb! Stage-dives, funky moshing, and on-stage somersaults. Why couldn't OEF be as fun as this? And now it's 1 in the morning, don't know where we are, we're near broke and the organizers say they don't have money for our bus ride. 2 AM, when is this bus coming and where is this bus even going? 14 hour ride, and oh shit, we're on the wrong fucking bus!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Pyogenic Cystclot - Today's Hardcore, Tomorrow's Clubbing
You used to be into hardcore, now all you do is club. You tell me you're still into it, but I don't give a fuck. Actually, think about it, nothing much has changed. Trendy fashion assholes, it's all just the same! Fuck your friends! Fuck your crews! Fuck your clubs and fuck you too!!!!